Your Name :   Walt Chappelle
Comment :   Merry Christmas Mallys ! Have a great New Year and enjoy your time off!!
Your Name :   Rich, Lisa, Ryan & Nicky Linke
Comment :   Hey Mally Clan, Hope to see you during the holidays here in Chicago. You may be happy to know that all our snow melted today :) and the temp is around 50 degrees right now. Have a safe trip here and Merry Christmas to you!
Your Name :   Elonda Palacioz
Comment :   You have a BEAUTIFUL, SMART AND TALENTED family, Ed and Michelle. May your Journey be safe and your Christmas Merry. You Missed an INCREDIBLY AMAZING snow storm in Kansas!!!
Your Name :   erico
Comment :   ed you area great straight man in the unplugged version.
Your Name :   Uncle Mark Lindeblad
Comment :   I love you guys.
Your Name :   The Hegdes
Comment :   Nicely put together. Trust Ed to get creative and come up with this, we really liked it
Your Name :   Gennelle Brown
Comment :   Have a very Merry Christmas to you and yours, from us and ours! May you have a safe trip to Chicago and back. Great web page!!
Your Name :   Donna Elaine
Comment :   This is kinda cool I thought I would sign because I have never signed this kind of guest book :)
Your Name :   Cousin Cindy
Comment :   I really enjoyed your pictures & letter, what a great family you have. Merry Christmas, hope your Mom is feeling better. Love, Cindy Rooney
Your Name :   Beth Anderson
Comment :   Great pictures! Merry Christmas!
Your Name :   Susie Haglund
Comment :   
Your Name :   Vickie Long
Comment :   Merry Christmas! I enjoyed your letter and seeing your pictures. You have a wonderful family!! Thanks for sharing.
Your Name :   Chris Brown
Comment :   Have a great Christmas. Enjoy your trip up to Chicago.
Your Name :   Alicia Turner
Comment :   This is a really neat idea!! Love it and glad to hear everyone is doing good. Merry Christmas!
Your Name :   doug & leigh walker
Comment :   what an interesting glimpse into the Malleys world! We love you crazy guys. Merry Christmas, and safe travels. The Walkers
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